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When it comes to buying a used car, the three most important things are a wide selection, excellent value and a real sense of security. These three elements are the basis of the global Inchcape pre-owned car brand bravo auto , which replaced the well-known Inchcape Certified in 2022.


Along with the opening of bravo cars , Inchcape introduces a new standard in the market of used cars in Latvia, offering its customers the safest place to buy a used car and unprecedented benefits, such as: after 150 points visually and technically checked used cars , including car history and mileage, 12-month warranty, year-long roadside assistance, at least 6 months without additional maintenance , customized financing solutions, the possibility to sell or exchange your existing car for a new one , order a slightly used car from abroad, and finally - all the necessary car purchase, registration, insurance, protection and service services in one place.

Our goal


"bravoauto's goal is to be the most reliable and the best used car dealer in Latvia. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect each car we sell, provide a comprehensive and professional range of services, offer a full-fledged used car warranty and repurchase service of your existing car.

What we offer


bravoauto has made significant investments in recent years with the aim of becoming the most reliable and popular dealer of used cars in Latvia. With the opening of a completely new and modern car center at Skanstes iela 2A that also offers BOSCH Car Service we offer full package. bravoauto currently offers to buy high-quality and proven cars in three locations:


More than 150 little-used cars from more than 15 different manufacturers are available for selection. The offer includes not only the brands BMW, Ford, Mazda, MINI, Land Rover and Jaguar represented by bravoauto, but also such popular brands in Latvia as Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Volvo and VW.

150-point tested used cars


Bravoauto thoroughly and professionally inspects every car and prepares it according to strict bravoauto standards. The mileage, history, visual and technical condition of each used car is checked and confirmed by issuing a 150-point inspection certificate to the customer. Thanks to such inspection and preparation of the car, we guarantee at least 6 months*, depending on the driving style, without the need for additional maintenance.

*6 months or 5,000km of mileage, from the time of purchase of the car, whichever comes first.

We provide a comprehensive range of services


In bravoauto you can get absolutely all the services you need in the process of buying a car:


  • It is possible to take a test drive with any of the cars on offer
  • Financing options cover both financial and operational leasing
  • We offer a full range of insurance (OCTA, KASKO, GAP)
  • In addition, it is possible to purchase and install various additional equipment, tires, alarms and protective body coating GardX.

We offer a 12-month used car warranty and roadside assistance *


The Bravoauto program provides a 12-month warranty on all used cars, unless 180,000 km of mileage has occurred or the age of the car is more than 10 years. We are confident in the technical condition of each car, mileage and car history, and offer only the most reliable little-used cars to our customers. In turn, for your confidence and safety – 12 months of roadside assistance or free delivery to a bravoauto authorized service throughout the territory of Latvia.

*Standard warranty does not apply to cars older than 10 years or mileage / 180,000 km

**The car warranty is valid for 12 months or 10,000km of mileage, from the moment of purchase of the car, whichever comes first.

Sell ​​or exchange your existing car for a new one


bravoauto offers the repurchase of your existing car, turning it into a down payment for the purchase of a new used car. We also offer our customers the opportunity to sell their car, offering the best price in Riga and the Riga region. In turn, with our bravoauto ""mobile car purchase team"", we can evaluate the car at a place and time convenient for you.

Inchcape Group's global used car brand – bravoauto


In 2005, Inchcape Latvia – the official representative of Mazda and Jaguar cars – started operating in Latvia. In 2007, Inchcape acquired Baltic Motors Ltd. and BM Auto, thus becoming the most influential car retail company in Latvia, representing such brands as BMW, BMW Motorrad, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda and MINI.

Inchcape is the world's leading independent automotive distributor and retailer with more than 170 years of experience, operating in 34 countries worldwide, representing 38 brand partners and providing more than 15,000 jobs worldwide. Inchcape serves hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.